How to Build Your Credit in America

Welcome to America, the home of “credit”. In my opinion, if cash is king then credit is an emperor in  America. Having physical cash can get you so far but having credit opens many opportunities to you.  Here is a simple  experiment, go to any of the hotels in your area to book a room, ask to pay in cash and see what happens. More often than not, they would want to have a credit card for the transaction. So as a new immigrant, you will have to learn to understand and embrace this culture of credit in America.

What is Credit? Who maintains the credit report and calculates the score?

  • Ability to have access to goods and services with the understanding that you will pay later. It may be a credit card or access to loans. There are 3 credit reporting bureaus : Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, they are non-governmental agencies responsible for maintaining credit report and calculating the credit score of all Americans.

What is a credit score?

  • It is the measure of your “credit worthiness”. It basically determines whether you are a high risk or low risk borrower.  A good credit score means you are a low risk borrower but poor credit score means you are a high risk borrower.
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Why is it important?

  • Loans
    • Your ability to secure loans such as  auto loan, personal loan, mortgage loan are determined by your credit worthiness.  A poor credit may disqualify you from getting approved for certain loans.
  • Interest Rates!
    • Having a good credit can offer you benefits such as low interest rates but a poor credit could put you at risk of high interest rates if you do get approved for a loan or  a credit card. Example: Person A goes to an auto dealership to buy a 2022 VW Atlas but your credit score is 720, which is good so you get approved for an auto loan with 9% interest rate for 48 months. However, Person B  with 810 credit score get the same car at an interest rate of 3% for 48 months.

Person A ends up paying $ 2,415.48 in interest

                 Person B ends up paying  $797.17 in interest

                Person B saves $1,618.31..That’s the impact of credit!

  • Some jobs may require it as a condition of employment.
    • Having a good credit is necessary for some jobs such as military, law enforcement, prison jobs, attorneys etc. Imagine the horror if criminals could influence our law enforcement officials with money. Our justice system is not for sale so to maintain the integrity of our judicial system, all the people connected to it are expected to be held to a standard where they can’t be influenced by money.

How to you build a credit as a new immigrant?

You can start with cellphone account

  • most cellphone plans do not require you to have a credit history or score, so this will be a good starting point.

Open a bank account where your paycheck gets deposited

  • Most banks offer their customers credit cards  after you have been with them time, you bank will offer credit cards to you

You can use credit builder loan accounts to help you build your credit.

  • A Credit builder loan account allows you to make monthly payments to be held by the bank or service provider and at maturity, you will get the money you paid back minus administrative fees. These monthly payments will be reported to the credit bureaus and missed payments will also be reported to the credit bureaus as well.

Pay rent

  • Some apartments report rent payments and missed payments to the credit bureaus. Making your rent payments on time and consistently could help boost your credit score


How do you lose or gain points?

  • Payment history
    • Making on time payment of bills and not missing a payment goes a long way to increase your credit score points. Doing the otherwise will cause you to lose point resulting in decreased score.
  • Credit Utilization
    • It is a percentage of how much credit you have used versus the total credit line. Having a higher credit utilization will have negative impact on your credit score and vice versa. The goal is to maintain a low credit utilization percentage so that you can gain points.

Example; if you have $1500 credit limit, keep the rolling balance under 20%. This will show other lenders that you have your spending under control and they can trust you with even more.

  • Length of credit history
    • It is the amount of time you have held that credit account for. This may go against  a new immigrant since you are starting from scratch. But one way to overcome this, is to be an authorized user on an older account of someone who has a good credit score. This will help boost your credit history. Similarly, a negative activity by that user could impact the authorized user. Been an authorized user does not necessarily mean you should be given a credit card on that account.
  • Credit mix
    • Having varied credit accounts such as credit cards, loans, etc., help boost your credit score.
  • Recent application
    • Every time you apply for a new credit card or loans, the lender performs a “Hard pull” on your credit report. This hard pull could result in loss of 5 points or more on your credit score. So, it is a good idea to not have as many hard pulls and avoid unnecessary credit applications that may result in hard pull. A hard pull may stay on your credit report for 2 years.
  • Derogatory information
    • This may be the result of having multiple nonpayment or an account going into collection. An account goes into collection when the original creditor/lender has been unsuccessful in collecting payment on a bill. And so, the lender sells the account to a collections agency which will attempt to collect the payment. Try and negotiate with the original creditor/lender to come to a flexible payment plan before your debt goes into collections. A collections action against any of your accounts could impact your credit for 7 years.

How do you check your score?

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Can I Join the US military as a Green Card Lottery Winner?

As a green card lottery winner in itself, you cannot join the US military . You must obtain your immigrant visa (DV) and enter the United States first and receive your green card to qualify to join.

Joining the U.S. military service is the best way to show your patriotism to your new country. The U.S. military has the Army, the Air Force, the Marines and the Navy.

A great way to fulfil your lifelong dream of serving in the military is to join the U.S. military.

The U.S. military has the strongest and is the most powerful military force in the world.

There are many great benefits to join such as:

  • Fastest route to obtain U.S. Citizenship
  • Money for School
  • Travel the world
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Tax-free room and board
  • Get paid for serving ­– a consistent paycheck and money towards 401k retirement
  • Get qualified for Veteran’s mortgage loan to build your dream house, etc.

As a new immigrant or green card holder, the military is open to US citizens and legal permanent residents of the United States, which includes you!

In any military recruitment, there are selection criteria to meet in order to Join

Different branches of the US armed forces have different criteria; age, weight, ASVAB score, etc.

If you want to join the military, you need to ask yourself several questions

  1. What are your interests?

Your specific interest might not have opportunities in all branches of the military. So, you need to do research online using Google to connect to articles and forums that address some of your questions. is a good place to start. Reddit has sub-forums for various military groups, answering questions from meeting the eligibility requirements to bootcamp to retiring in the military.

  1. Can you meet the eligibility requirement?

You need to take a look at the eligibility – age, immigration status, education, fitness, MEP, mental and moral standards?

  1. How long can you commit?

Most contracts are 4 years plus. Or you could do 20 years and retire.

  1. What are your long-term and short-term goals?

Your short-term and long-term goals will determine your level of commitment. This will also tie in with your interest. Are you joining to break into a new career? Most armed forces veterans continue their careers in law enforcement, politics, while others take up opportunities in major corporations with their extensive experience and knowledge from the service.

  1. If you are married and/or have children, have you discussed it with your immediate family?

When you sign up to join the military, your spouse and children are somewhat emotionally and physically (relocation) signed up with you.

These answers will help you to make the right decision for you and your family.

Serving in the military is one of the most selfless acts you could ever make- to sacrifice for your country! I salute you for your bravery and for even considering this.

God bless America!

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How to Properly Name Your Supporting Documents for Diversity Visa Lottery DS-260

If we have learned anything about U.S. Immigration, not following instructions could lead to a disappointing outcome such as rejection of your documents, which will further delay processing of your case.

Document should be one of the following list if applicable: Passport_Biohraphic_data, Birth_Certificate, Marriage_certificate, Divorce_document, Death_certificate, Annulment_paper, Military_record, Police_certificate_country_XXX, Court_record_country_XXX.
If translations are needed, then add “_translation” on the filename. Translate documents that are not in English
Proper Document naming;

Unmarried Applicant:
• 2022AF00888888_Jacob_Ade_Passport_Biographic_data.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Jacob_Ade_Birth_Certificate.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Jacob_Ade_police_certificate_country_france.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Jacob_Ade_police_certificate_country_france_translation.pdf

If applicant is married;
Principal applicant
• 2022AF00888888_Jacob_Ade_Birth_Certificate.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Jacob_Ade_Passport_Biographic_data.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Jacob_Ade_police_certificate_country_france.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Jacob_Ade_police_certificate_country_france_translation.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Jacob_Ade_marriage_certificate.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Ruth_Ade_Birth_Certificate.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Ruth_Ade_Passport_Biographic_data.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Ruth_Ade_Police_Certificate.pdf

If applicant has children;
Child #1
• 2022AF00888888_Kofi_Ade_Birth_Certificate.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Kofi_Ade_Passport_Biographic_data.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Kofi_Ade_Police_Certificate.pdf (this depends on age, and if ever arrested. Please use Police Certificate criteria to determine)

Child #2
• 2022AF00888888_Joy_Ade_Birth_Certificate.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Joy_Ade_Passport_Biographic_data.pdf
• 2022AF00888888_Joy_Ade_Police_Certificate.pdf (this depends on age, and if ever arrested. Please use Police Certificate criteria to determine)

Please use the document list to determine which documents you need to submit since this list is not exhaustive.

Follow the instructions and use common sense in all you do! Factcheck and doublecheck everything.
Thank you!

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Supporting Documents For Green Card Lottery

After KCC receives and processes the DS-260 application form for you and your accompanying family members, you will receive instructions for how to submit required supporting documents. Your interview will not be scheduled until you submit scanned copies of all required supporting documents, following the guidelines below.  If you cannot obtain a particular document, send an explanation of why you cannot obtain the document, as an attachment in .jpeg or .pdf format, to, with your case number in the subject line.  You will bring the original documents to your interview with the consular officer.  It is strongly recommended that you begin this process early.

Supporting Documents for DS-260 

  • Passport Biographic Data Page (all persons traveling with you)
  • Birth Certificate (all persons traveling with you)
  • Marriage Certificate (if it applies to you)
  • Divorce Certificate / Decree (if it applies to you)
  • Military Records (if it applies to you)
  • Prison/ Court Records
  • Police Certificates:  If you are 16 years of age or older, you must submit a police certificate(s) from all countries you have lived in.
From… AND… THEN the applicant needs a police certificate from…
The country of nationality if they resided there for more than 6 months is 16 years old or older the police authorities of that locality
the country of current residence (if different from nationality) if they resided there for than 6 months was 16 years or older at that time the police authorities of that locality
any previous country or countries of residence if residing there for more than 12 months was 16 years or older at that time the police authorities of that locality
any country where you were arrested for any reason, no matter how long they lived there was any age at that time the police authorities of that locality


*You do not have to submit a police certificate for the US if you live or lived in the USA. *

  • Change of name document (Affidavit of Change of Name, if applicable)

You only provide documents that apply to YOU!

Please read the next article about how to properly name your documents before you sent to KCC.

How to Obtain Police Certificate from United Arab Emirates for Green Card Visa

Police Certificate in UAE
A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), known also as ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ is a proof of the person’s criminal record or the lack of it in the state in which he/she resides. In the UAE, the certificate is issued by police departments across the UAE and it indicates that the person is not accused or does not have any criminal precedents.     

Documents required:

  •  a valid emirates ID card
  •  a letter from the beneficiary stating that he/she does not have any pending criminal convictions
  •  a recent passport-size photograph
  •  a copy of the applicant’s passport.

If you are no longer a resident of the UAE, you need to get your fingerprint card from the country you are residing in and have it attested by the UAE Embassy there. A fingerprint card is an official report from the police department concerned, which verifies the identity of a person based on his biometrics and decimal fingerprint. Then, you can send your request for PCC online to Ministry of interior- UAE or to Dubai Police along with the following documents:

  • fingerprint card approved by the UAE Embassy
  • two recent passport-sized photographs
  • a copy of your valid passport
  • a copy of your last UAE visa
  • the reason for the application.

How to Apply
You can apply for the certificate online through the Ministry of Interior’s website and/or their smartphone app MOI UAE available on iTunes and Google Play.
You can also visit one of the MOI’s services centers and get the document done after filling the application form and paying applicable fees through the electronic payment cards. You also apply through Dubai Police’s website >>Dubai Police

Thank You!