Interview Experience, Freetown, Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 

Case number :2022AF27K

Interview date :16 August 2022

U.S. Embassy, Freetown

My interview journey was a graceful one. I play single but was pregnant by then after winning I added my son, when I notice I won the lottery I wanted to get married with my son’s father because we’ve been together for a very longtime, we ask some people they said if we do they will disqualify us so we were scared and I go ahead and filled the ds for me and my son. 1months to my interview after talking with WoFoy she said it’s not a bad thing as long the relationship is genuine but let me contact the embassy and ask on how I will add my husband after getting married. Immediately I email our embassy and ask them on how I will add my husband after getting married and they reply me to send his passport bio page. I was so happy we do as they said. The next day they added him to my case, Within that month we got married as soon as possible and filled our ds and submit. We knew they will be curious on why we got married this late so we were so prepared for that answer, we print all our old pictures from 2011 till date text messages on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram chats to show them prove but with God by our side they didn’t ask of our wedding pictures even though we went with them only the prove of relationship they ask of. We submitted all documents to the first counter and go and wait for like 20min we were nervous. After the 20min we were call for the interview Me my husband and son went together 

Co: Good morning 

Me: Good morning how you ma

Co: I’m fine thanks

Co: I see you have a lovely family 

Me: thanks ma

Co: when did you seat your WASSCE 

Me: answer 

Co: what did you study at university

Me : answer 

Co : when did you get married 

Me : answer 

Co : ohh so you just got married right 

Me : yes ma 

Co : that’s nice

Co : congratulations welcome to America your visa has been approved. She said I should go and pay the visa fee for my husband and son. Me and husband was so happy cuz God did it for us. Honesty pay sometimes, we go with all honesty we didn’t backdate our wedding we decided to go with our honest truth even though we got married late and God did it for us. I want to thank Jesse and WoFoy TV for guiding me throug. I received my package yesterday will be traveling anytime soon🙌🏻🙏🏻😘

Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾🎊