DV Interviews at U.S. Embassy Yaounde

Interview Experience 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲 Cameroon 

God was doing his work but I never understood. he did his best to stop me, i was instead thinking is the work of a devil. 

On our way to the embassy. In a taxi, my daughter started vomiting. I prayed n spray anointing water, she became ok n we continue  until we got to the embassy. 

I was refused because my work as a mechanic/ navigation officer  onboard ship has a SVP less than 7 and my GCE advanced level which was supposed to cover up, I scored but 1 paper instead of 2 papers

I was told by the CO to try again another time. 

Will use this opportunity to thank madam Akua Effah n all of you on this platform for your support and encouragement all this while. 

Typing and weeping. The kids have join us in tears. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Stay strong 💪 #DV2022


Hello mates my interview was today at 7:30 by 7 I was there, we were told to stand on a line which we did and later was asked to get in for the first check . After that a file was given to us to put our documents inside as listed on the file which we did. I later went into the interview room which I was asked to pay my interview fee which did cost 198000. 

 Later on I went to another window were my documents had to be checked and my finger print taken .

 Now the actual interview which it took place on another window and I took an oath 

C/o My name  

Me I answered …

C/o am I married 

Me No 

C/o do I have kids 

Me No 

C/o where do I intend to stay in de USA   and why 

Me I answered 

C/o do I hv a degree 

Me yes masters in ….

C/o Wat are my plans 

Me to further my studies. 

  She sat quite and was typing and later on told me congratulations your visa has been approved and I should collect nextweek friday . She was very friendly and smiled all through my interview.  And I was smiling as well 😅😅. On a general review the questions are very simple and straight to the point nothing out of ur ds260 form

Interview experience 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲

Yaounde, Cameroon.


CO: what is your full? name

Me: answer

CO: where do you live?

Me: answer

CO: what’s your highest level of education?

Me: answer

CO: are you married?

Me: answer

CO: who is your host to you?

Me: answer

CO: what will you be doing in the United States?

Me: answer

CO: do you have a child?

Me: answer

CO: congratulations your Visa have been approved.

Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊 

Welcome to America 🇺🇸 


My interview experience in Cameroon


Single pregnant winner

Yaounde Embassy,

Interview date 26 July 2021 9:30 a.m

Did Medicals on the 21 june collected on the 22 of July

On the 26 July

6:50 a.m arrive at the embassy

7:30 security check. Went inside check appointment and was send back out to wait appointment at 9:00

CO arrives early and demand DV lottery winners be sent in Earlier.

8:00 went back in for security check. Phone switch off and collected. A file given for us to use carrying numbers.

Arrive the Co department more security check and verification of appointment

8:30 I was first dv lottery winner to submit original document.(birth certificate,advance level and degree,medicals and police certificate)

CO: Have you paid( checks if medical is sealed then tears the envelop and gives me back my degree)

Me: No

Co: go and pay then come meet me back (gives me my file)

Me: ok thank you Sir


Go to the cashier, she was abit late. Was first person to pay money too. she apologize. I pay 330$ then went back to CO.

CO collects documents arrange them, ask for my passport, ask for my half card and scans them

Co: why did you play single?

Me: I was single

Co: are you married now?

Me: No

Co: kids

Me: No

Co: which year did you have advance level?

Me: blah blah

Co: ok. Your interview will be conducted shortly. Sit in the garden and wait. You are number brrrr. The security will call for you when it’s time.

Me: ok sir. Thank you

Co: ok, I wish you good luck

We sat in the garden for 2 hours 30 minutes

11:00a.m security calls me inside for interview

11:20 interview begins with a new White American CO and was conducted in front of all other DV lottery winner. He calls my number and name to window brrrr

Me: good morning sir

Co: good morning. Put 4 fingers of right hand on scan, then lift up your right hand and swear to tell the truth

Me: I do swear

Co: Are you married

Me: no

Co: No fiance, no body??

Me: I do have a boyfriend

Co: ok. Any marital plans ?

Me: for now No

Co: smiles and says ok.

He then Leaves and come back

Co: so you are not married

Me: no. You have asked me twice, is there any problem Sir (I ask politely)

Co: no. Just that many people say they are single and when issued a visa they start bringing up spouses.

Me: ok, I’m single.

CO: where will you be staying,which state

Me: brrrrrr.

Co: do you have the passport you use for innitial entry???

Me: No but I do have a scan copy

Co: let me see

He checks and says it’s ok, then gives me back the copy

CO takes a congratulation yellow paper fills it and says your visa has been approved, come on brrrr at brrrr to collect your Visa.

Me: Thank you Sir.

Co: (smiles) Ok.