DS-260 Form Step-By-Step Complete Guide

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All immigrant visa applicants including DV applicants must complete and file DS-260 Form online.

All persons seeking to immigrate to the United States must fill this form.

The DS-260 form is also Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application form. This form is used to collection information about the immigrant for their visa application and their green card application.

What is DS-260 Form?

Form DS-260 (Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application) is the first step in the application process to become a permanent resident (green card holder) of the United States.

Form DS-260 is an online visa application that must be completed and submitted through the National Visa Center’s website.

Form DS-260 can be found and completed online at: https://ceac.state.gov/IV/Login.aspx

The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) is a branch of the United States Department of State that handles diversity visa cases for winners located outside of the United States.

The KCC is charged with processing all permanent resident (green card) applications submitted by foreign-born individuals applying for immigration through their local U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

The KCC is located in Williamsburg, Kentucky.

A basic outline of the DS-260 consular processing steps are:

All diversity ;lottery winners who would like to immigrate to America  must fill and complete the DS-260 application to be be considered for consular processing.

After checking the Diversity Visa Program website to find out if you have been selected, your next step is to fill the immigrant visa and alien registration application (DS-260).

Diversity Lottery Winners who are presently in the United States might be eligible for adjustment of status.

DS-260 – How to Fill Out

Once you have confirmed that you have been selected for further processing, it is time for you to complete Forms DS-260. The DS-260 is an electronic online forms that must be completed and submitted online. 

Complete Form DS-260 first, as it is your visa application.

You will go to Consular Electronic Application Center website ( https://ceac.state.gov/iv , you will be asked to enter your case number located at the bottom of your winning letter, which is your first notification letter (1NL), check the box to agree to the privacy act, enter the surname as stated on the lottery entry, enter the date of birth as stated on the entry and click continue to gain access to rest of the  DS-260.

Then, complete the rest of the form as truthful as you can. If you get stuck on a particular question, use the help tip on the right side of the page for further explanation.

Topics you will be responding to on the Ds-260 are:

  • Section 1: Getting Started
    • This is the main page where applicant information will be displayed
  • Section 2: Personal
    • This deals with your name, any previously used names or aliases, your date and your basic information in your passport or travel document, etc.
  • Section 3: Address and Phone
    • This deals with your present and previous addresses since the age of 16, your host address in the U.S. where your green card will be mailed to, your phone numbers, emails address used in the past 5 years, your social media platform handles etc
  • Section 4: Family
    • This deals with your present and previous spouses, your children and information about your parents, etc.
  • Section 5: Previous U.S. Travel
    • This deals with any  travel to the U.S., visa refusal, revocations or withdrawal of applications, countries you  etc
  • Section 6: Work/Education/Training
    • This deals with your current and past employment history, present and past educational history starting from secondary school education and any training present or past and countries you have visited in the last 5 years, your association with groups, persons and activities that could be of safety concerns, etc.
  • Section 7: Security and Background
    • Deals your criminal background, health-related safety issues, immigration law violations, etc.
  • Section 8:Social Security Number
    • This deals with whether you have had a social security number before and if not, whether you want one to be created for you by the Social Security Administration

 Last page is SIGN & SUBMIT 

You will provide the preparer’s information if you were assisted, you will acknowledge the Female Genital Mutilation Factsheets by clicking the link provided to go and read about it, acknowledge the receipt of  Selective Service form (if available),enter your case number, your passport number of the applicant, 

As with every U.S. government form, it is extremely important that you answer every question completely and honestly. You could be questioned at the interview about any of the answers you provided on the DS-260 form.

After submitting the  DS-260, print and email the confirmation page to your self  — you will need the confirmation page for your medical exams and your interview appointment be required to bring it with you to your immigration interview.

Who can fill the DS-260 form :

  • yourself
  • a trusted friend
  • a family member
  • a consultant
  • an immigration attorney.

No matter who you choose to assist, review everything before submission and make sure to SIGN by yourself .

Once NVC has processed your DS-260, your case will be ready for interview based on your case number ranking of the visa bulletin published monthly by the State Department

There is a $330 non-refundable processing fee per person and to be paid at the interview.


In October 2021, the State Department launch a pilot program to remove the submission of supporting documents to streamline processing of DV cases and to reduce the backlog.

Scheduling Immigration Interview

After all your applications have been submitted, KCC will begin processing of your case. When your case has been processed and case number  current, KCC will schedule an immigration interview on your behalf.

This usually takes about 6 or 8 weeks for the processing to be completed. Whether or not you will be scheduled for interview depends on the capacity of the U.S. Embassy you intend to be interviewed at.

Getting an interview appointment is not guaranteed

Medical Examination

Under U.S. immigration law, every foreign national who applies for immigration must undergo a medical examination to decide if they pose a risk to the public health of the United States.

When you receive notification for your interview appointment, you must book and attend  your medical examination at the U.S. Embassy recommended facility about 2 weeks to your actual interview day.

Medical examinations cannot be taken in one country and sent to another country for interview. You must only use clinic facilities recommended by the embassy you intend to interview at.



Your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate will schedule an immigration interview.

You will be notified of its date, what you must bring to the interview, and any other relevant information. 

Some of the documents you might be required to bring to your consulate interview:

  • Confirmation pages(s) of the completed and submitted DS-260
  • School Certificate(s) (if applicable)
  • Medical Exams Report of all Applicants (if not sent to the embassy directly)
  • A valid and expired passport( minimum 6 months validity and minimum 2 unused pages for all applicants;
  • Birth certificate (with English translation if necessary);
  • Police clearance certificate if over the age of 16 and lived in the country of application for more than six months;
  • Document of current marital status (certificate of marriage, divorce, death, etc.);
  • Military records.
  •  Prison record, if you were ever convicted of a crime.
  • Completed and signed I-134 Affidavit of Support (including any financial documents supporting affidavit);
  • Adoption certificate (if necessary)
  • Consent letter to travel with a minor child  (if not traveling with both parents)
  • Any other documents requested by the U.S. Embassy.

On your interview day, report to the embassy on time. Be confident and respond to questions as truthful as you can.. After your interview is over, the consular officer will decide whether to approve your visa, temporarily refuse (administrative processing) or refuse outright.

If your visa is approved, you will be given instructions on how to pick up your visa when it is ready. If you are placed in administrative processing then you must keep tracking your case and be in communication with the embassy to ensure that decision is made in a timely manner. If your visa is refused out right then, that is sadly then end of your journey.