How to Send an Effective Email to Kentucky Consular Center, KCC – Green Card Lottery

Throughout your diversity visa journey, there might come a time when you might need to send an email to KCC to unlock your DS260 application to make important changes to your case or general inquiry about your case. General inquiries about diversity visa, DV, or case update must be sent to

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With over 100,000 selectees in the DV lottery, it is expected that KCC would be dealing with enormous number of emails. Therefore, you want to make sure the important details in your email doesn’t get swept under the rag with automated response which sometimes do not address the issue.

I have come up with a more effective way to send an email to KCCto get an effective response.

1. Why do you want to contact KCC?

You need to ask yourself why it is necessary for you to contact KCC because contacting them over unimportant matters will just be waste of resources.

2. Your concern must be relevant to KCC.

We get caught up in our own stories and what detail we think will sweetened our stories but at the end of the day, KCC can only assist you with issues that are under their jurisdiction. So, make sure your issue is something KCC can help solve.

3. Keep your message simple and short.

Keeping your message simple and short will keep the KCC contractor reading to respond to your email engaged. Long and winding stories get boring, and no one wants to read a boring story. Besides, you are not the only one emailing KCC, but you want to make sure, you get the resolution or answer you desire, and this will help get you that.

4. Ready to Compose your email

Make sure you have the correct email address, put your case number in the subject line and identify yourself or the applicant who is the subject of this email to that KCC will provide the appropriate solution.


5. Offer options on your expected solutions

Most of the time when people contact KCC, they want their cases to be unlocked or some changes to be made to their cases. If you are unsure of what appropriate solution to apply to your case, you could ask KCC to make the changes is possible or unlock your case for you. This is a better way because you could avoid unlocking your case if KCC can effect the changes on your behalf.


6. Put steps 1-5 together

You are now ready to put everything together. You could start or end with step 5.

And don’t forget to end your message with appreciation or a kind message. They say, “you attract more bees with honey than vinegar”.

Congratulations!! You have successfully completed your lesson on sending an effective email to KCC.

Good luck to you on this journey!

3 thoughts on “How to Send an Effective Email to Kentucky Consular Center, KCC – Green Card Lottery”

  1. Hi sorry my name is Saaied Ali Nasser, from Liberia, west Africa.
    I play the D v in July,10/09.
    My confirmation no is AA002LocRx.,In Aug, 29, 2012 ,I won the D V.
    I than appear at the Embassy in Monrovia, for in interview, with all of my ducements alone with my W A E C resault ,But the immigration didn’t onner the results. They say they need a certificate and this is on fair. I left school so many years ago. Doing out day we didn’t take WAEC.
    I lost my wife in the process, because I had to sell my land to go through this process. I had no one to help me.
    Sir with all do respect , I ll love your office to please see reason ,in this case.
    Kindly Regular..

    1. You have to remember that you are there to prove that you qualify for the green card lottery or the DV and so when they ask for something, you must give it to them. They gave you the chance to give them the certificate. I don’t know why you couldn’t provide that. Good luck to you next time.

  2. Hi, my regards, my name is Marshall Yeazo Kehn from Liberia, West Africa.
    I play the DV in October 3, 2019 at 4:25:48 AM EDT.
    My confirmation no is 20216MHI3E1KTUUW. In June 06, 2020 I won the D V and I submitted my DS- 260 application form October 08, 2020.

    Since then I has not appear at the Embassy in Monrovia for an interview because I hadn’t been notified by KCC to appear with all of my documents. Another reason is because of the COVID -19 perdamic.

    I had to sell my car and Cocoa farms to go through this process. I had no one to help me right now.
    Sir with all these instences, I would love your office to please see reason to help me in this case. I had lost traveling to the U.S opportunity twice because of the same reason, which the first I lost was because of Ebola outbreak.


    Kindly Regards

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