Ghana Interviews

Interview Experience in Accra Ghana

Interview Date: 23rd November 2022

Case Number: 2023AF5K

I arrived around 8- 9 am. I went through security; they checked my documents and I went pay the visa fees.

First of all, I don’t have a certificate from my secondary technical school but I was able to obtain school transcript and testimonial and I added to my NVTI certificate

I did electrical engineering technology in Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI) for 4 yrs. but I couldn’t write my final exams.

I used NVTI to apply to my current job and they also gave me Introductory Letter for the interview.

I was called to Counter 7


CO: When did you apply for the lottery?

Me: 20th October 2021

CO: Where did you hear about the lottery?

Me: My friend sent it to me on WhatsApp

CO: Can you tell me about your education?

Me: I started my education at KTI but I couldn’t write my final exams in 2016 due to financial difficulties.

CO: How much did you owe?

Me: About 1,100ghs 

CO: What about the NVTI?

Me: I only spent 700GHS because the government supported us

CO: Ok…[tells me to wait for him]

The CO came back and asked me to give my documents to the local employee (Ghanaian guy).

I gave the documents to him while the CO discusses with the Ghanaian worker. I couldn’t hear what they discussed

Then the CO said he is not familiar with my certificates and the Ghanaian guy said “You are not qualified”. So he called the Ghanaian guy to interview me.

Ghanaian worker: Hi! How are you?

Me: I am fine

Ghanaian worker: Can you tell me about your education?

Me: I repeated the explanation about my education

Ghanaian worker: You know, you can’t use NVTI for this lottery?

Me: What do you mean about that? I use NVTI to secure job with my current employer and this is a prominent company 

The CO checked the company I work for.

CO: can’t give you the visa because the guy who knows this type of certificate says you don’t qualify.

CO: I know you are hurt but I’m sorry I can’t give you the visa because you are not qualified for work or education.

Me: So you mean I am not qualified as an Electrician? I studied Electrical Engineering Technology and I did General Electrical in NVTI but my company employs me as an electrician to fix their fire alarm cables.

Then the Ghanaian worker returns again!

Ghanaian worker: If you are Electrical Engineer where is your certificate? Don’t come here and disturb us. If you say that you are an Electrical Engineer, show us your Electrical Engineer certificate. Because you can’t use this transcript and your testimonial as an Electrical engineer. You are not qualified so don’t come here and disturb us.

CO: so, you see! The person who knows the system here says your certificate is not qualified.

I was asked about NABPTEX which organizes the NVTI and they had no idea what NABPTEX is. The CO attempted to check my certificate but the CO was checking the wrong site. I had to give them our own system. I think they were more interested in WASSCE.

CO added a blue paper to my documents.

 Me: I am still hopeful for a miracle

That’s my sad and unfortunate interview experience! 



Case Number :2023AF42XX

Ds260 completion data: 22/05/2022

Interview Date: 23/11/22

Interview  Time :07:00 Am

Interview  Location: Accra Ghana 🇬🇭 

*Interview  experience*

I arrived at the embassy at 5am. The  gates where opened at exactly 07:00, at the  point of entry security team will collect  your passport and appointment to cross check it with the list of people who are expected to be Interviewed that day. My name was on the list and I was allowed into the US embassy compound.

I was called by a beautiful 😍 lady  who happens to be the cashier . The lady collected my documents and visa application fee of $330 X 3 because I was with my two kids. The documents I submitted are as follows.

  • *Birth Certificate/photocopies * x3
  • *DS260 confirmation letter*x3
  • *Police report original *
  • *Passport*x3
  • *2 passport Photos*x3
  • *Educational Certificates*
  • *Work Experience/Appointment letter*

After paying and submitting my documents I had to wait for  45 min, while the lady handed my  documents to the consular officer. The lady entered my information into the system and created a file for me. 

I was called by the Consular officer to window 9.  She said Hello to me and my kids. She asked me to swear an oath that the information  I will provide will be true to the best of my knowledge. She asked why I have not done my biometrics. I said I was not called to do so. And made me do it after i told her.

CO: How are you?

ME: Am good

CO: How old are you? ( to my children)

The kids: I am 4years / I am 7years

 CO : which year did u completed secondary school

ME: 2006

CO: Are u married?

ME: No 

CO: Where is your kids father?

ME: He’s in Accra

CO: Does he see the kids ?

ME: Sometimes he comes to visit them.

CO: Have u ever traveled outside Ghana?

ME: No please

CO: who do you know in US?

ME : I mentioned my host Name?

 CO: Which state is he?

ME: Answer 

CO: everything looks okay. We will issue the 3 visas.

And handed over a white paper for the collection of my passport at DHL

Congratulations 🎈🍾 



Interview Date: 23/11/2022


Case Number 2023AF2K

Hello guys, I’m grateful to you all for your support most especially to Allah.

I applied as a single applicant in November 5th 2021.

I checked for the results on May 10th and submitted my DS260 on June 6th 2022 but I unlocked and resubmitted on 24th June 2022

Had my 2nl on September 9th 2022

I got my documents ready, went for medicals 3weeks to my interview and waited for my interview thus 23rd November 2022.


Got to the embassy around 6:40am where I met some DV winners, we stood for awhile and where called in. We sat at the waiting yard till we were called into the main building. I proceeded to pay for my Visa fee waited for awhile and was called to counter 5 where I met a Ghanaian woman. she asked of my documents and photocopies and asked some few questions about my marital status and where I live. She filed my documents and asked me to go and wait. For about 20 mins I was called to counter 7 where I met a pretty white lady that’s where I had the real interview.

I approached her with a smile and exchanged pleasantries

C.O: hello 

Me: Hi

C.O: she mentioned my name and asked me to swear which I did

C.O: what’s the date of birth 


C.O: Are u married 

Me: No

C.O: who do you live with 

Me: My parents 

C.O: Do you have siblings both old and young

Me: Yes

C.O: Tell me about your education.


C.O : what job do you do

Me: I’m unemployed at the moment but I’m looking for employment.

C.O: is it hard to find job here

Me: Yes

C.O: I can see you’ve worked before tell me about it

Me: I answered 

C.O: What are you plans when you get to US

Me: I would like further my education and also work in the health sector

C.O : where will be staying in the US 


C.O: congratulations Khadijatu I’m keeping the photocopies of your documents and your passport, take this sheet and register with DHL for passport pick up.

Glory be to Allah.

Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾🎈 



Maths E8

English C4

Science C6

For electives I had all B’s

Had HND, Bachelor’s Degree and some International Certificates from online course

 Occupation: Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant 3yrs experience but UNEMPLOYED at the time of interview

#DV2023 #successstory